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Short haircuts in summer 2014

According to personality and face shapes, there are many kinds of hairstyles and there are many trendy Women’s Summer Stylish Haircuts 2014. Especially in summer, most of the teens are in trouble for grabbing the hair styles having shoulder length. Most of the styles are for round face shape while others are for flat and oval shapes. The skin tone sometimes matters a lot to grant best style choice.


This year short haircuts are popular among girls with the attractive and amazing hairstyles. Most of the girls like to carry amazing and attractive short haircuts or hairstyles with the straightened hairs. Here are some popular hairstyles carried with the straightened hairs look elegant, trendy and stylish.


Pixie hairstyle changed the faces and the careers of many hottest stars. It is definite that, their brave submission themselves to scissors has inspired many women to go much shorter. Let’s keep looking at the stars.Keeping the front of the hair longer than usual still counts as a pixie haircut model. Having problem on dealing with hair in the summer, this short haircut is your choice for the summer of 2014.


Bangs is one of the very trendy, unique and stylish haircuts of this year. Bangs are mostly carried with the straightened lace wigs and also with the shorter hair length. Darker hair color tones also look attractive with the bangs hairstyle.


Hair Information About Beyonce

Curls have apparently been on Beyonce’s fave list as she’s been sporting curly locks throughout her career. In 2002, Beyonce chose to go back to her roots and opted for an afro-inspired curly ‘do that did her doll-like features justice! To switch things up, in 2003, Beyonce chose to tone things down a bit and went for fabulous waves that worked magic on her super long tresses.

embedded_beyonce_curly_hair embedded_beyonce-voluminous-hairstyle

When you have a natural curly hair like Beyonce, the hairstyle choices are endless with curls. You can go for a big afro, beachy wave-curls in your hair, romantic easy curls or retro flawless curls. In her music videos, Beyonce has always been very playful with her look and we’ve seen pretty much any type of curls possible. On red carpet events she was spotted with ponytail curls and side curls as well.


2007 marked the time of hair color changes for Beyonce, who experimented with everything from deep chocolate brown to blonde, the latter being her current hair color option. Her tresses however varied lightly in style, with just the part switching from center to side and the texture of the tresses varying from curly to wavy to straight.

gallery_big_beyonce_sleek_straight_chocolate_brown_hair gallery_big_beyonce_loose_curls_hairstyle

3 Stylish Hairstyle for Black Women

If you are looking for key trends for black women, I have amazing collection of hairstyles 2014 for black women. New season hairstyles are very contrastive and which one to choose is up to you. 2014 black women hairstyles and hair colors are simply fantastic and every single style is worth to be copied. Most designs are inspired from celebs and you can also get inspiration from African American celebrities.

Afro-American-layered-Bob-Hairstyles-252x336 bob-hairstyles-for-black-women-2011-13-252x336

Medium Hairstyles For Black Women Straight look is the best hairdo if anybody is having medium hair. When the segmenting and hair brush is carried out by utilizing cuts even press ought to be utilized from root to the end. Weight ought to be put as needs be more weight is connected at the root and ought to lessen at the end of the hair approaches. Brush ought to be carried out in the wake of pressing to cool the hair.

2013-medium-hairstyles-for-black-women-ce1rteyb medium-hairstyles-for-black-women-2013-228x300

As black women have thick hair with strong texture black women bob hairstyle looks really cool and stylish especially when completed with layers. Collection of 2014 spring bob haircuts include numerous styles of bob that are worth to be copied and once you plunge into this selection you will simply lose your head.

Gorgeous-Afro-American-Bob-Hairstyles-252x336   Afro-American-Bob-Hairstyles-252x336

Short curly hairstyles for black women are quite various cut styles. You can have nice cut with your curly hair. Look at how Emilia cut her hair; you can also have long hair just like how Alicia keys haircut style her own hair. Nelly who is ex member of destiny’s child also has nice short hair. She adds high light on her hair to make her look even brighter.

Short-wavy-hairstyles-black-women Curly-short-hairstyles-for-black-women

It is also possible to make nice cut with your curly hair. Some blonde curly full lace wigs can also be used to make various kinds of haircuts for your reference. They have short curly hairstyles for black women and also nice braided style.

Stunning Long Hairstyles For Fashion Woman

Ladies with long hair look really attractive and feminine, however, long hairstyle can also look rather casual and boring if not styled in proper way. Thanks to modern hair styling techniques hair gurus have created zillion styles for long hair, so if you are looking for new ways to style your long locks, check out theses gorgeous selection of long hairstyles and learn few styling tricks to create similar hot look.


Long hair can look bulky and simple and the best way to glam up your look is to add choppy layers. Furthermore, layered haircut will arm you up with numerous styling options to experiment with. Once you create layered hairstyle, you can style it super straight, wavy or curly. Do not forget to trim the edges regularly to keep your hair healthy and fresh.


Before thinking about new styles it is worth to mention the the secret of elegant and eye catching hairstyle is healthy and glossy hair. Long hairstyle is of high maintenance so if you are not ready to devote much time and attention to your tresses, you’d better opt for short hairstyle. On the other hand, if you opt for proper hair care routine you will stay away from hair disasters and will have healthy hair.


Turn your long hair into smashing accessory with loose curly or wavy hairstyle. Leave romantic curls cascade down on your shoulders and feel the immediate makeover of your casual look. Do not forget to complete your styling kit with all necessary tools like curling iron, hot rollers and tong. Curly hair can be worn loose or side swept for seductive look. Beauty bunnies from Celebville often appear on the red carpet wearing sexy side swept hairstyle. In order to create similar look you just need to pull hair to one side and secure with hair clip.


As the buzzword of new season is naturalness, you can forget about sophisticated and complicated hairstyles and choose more natural and relaxed styles. Create effortlessly chic and glamorous messy up-do that will be gorgeous complement to any outfit. Just pull back your hair and fix it in loose bun up-do or simple loose ponytail. For more romantic and feminine look wear loose side braid or braided ponytail that is easy to create yet so hot and trendy.

Fashion celebrity hairstyle -Beyonce

Year after year, Beyonce rocks the world with her unmatchable grace and style. Her one-of-a-kind outfits and overall look inspire stages and red carpets alike. Beyonce is the lover of retro hairstyles and she has not once appeared wearing finger waves. Old Hollywood style will be more suitable for special occasions so if you have chosen retro waves make sure you have picked suitable outfit for it.


If you’re a enthusiast of Beyonce you most likely understand her stunning changes through beauty rabbit with extremely long hair to woman vamp with uneven short hairstyle but when you aren’t conscious of the woman’s beauty makeovers, We provide you with to look at this particular short art gallery of Beyonce’s best hairstyles and could end up being you’ll acquire some motivation.


What about Beyoncé’s up-do hairstyles? She looks very elegant and stylish with classy pulled up hairstyles and she often wears vintage buns on different formal events. Besides of classy up-dos she has not once appeared wearing funky quiff, pin up hairstyles and many other modern designs.


Beyonce may be the one which simply will go in love with opting for remarkable modifications. Eventually you can observe the woman’s with stylish long hairstyle then she will surprise you with half shaved head. However let’s move on right from the start of the woman’s profession and then try to discover which is the greatest celebrity hairstyle.

Some creative hairstyles -Asymmetric Hairstyle

There are a range of hairdos to select from and one of probably the Modern asymmetrical haircuts is the asymmetrical haircut. Discover out exactly how to produce such a contemporary looking coiffure on all hair plans. One of probably the most well-liked short styles appears to be the asymmetrical pixie quick coiffure as it seems wonderful and helps to provide a small little bit of angle to the hair.

New season trends offer you to go for dramatic hairstyles with sharp edges and asymmetric layers. Such haircut is the best way to highlight your strong individuality and stand out in the crowd. I think no one would like to blend in the crowd with casual and dull look and you too should always stay on trend. Long hairstyle of course looks trendy but sometimes it can limit you in options while shoulder length hairstyle will be a perfect challenge for your styling skills.

The asymmetrical cut produced on moderate hair size will certainly be much more emphasized simply because of the main difference of hair length. Assured women can choose for razor cut locations comparable to Cassie’s asymmetrical long look of your hair or they can certainly go for a more delicate method and select a coiffure that is cut faster at the backside of the neck and steadily gets to be longer in the direction of the front.

Asymmetric Hairstyle

Bob-Layered-Hairstyles-252x336      clrss2123_16_4_27_silky_straight_1

modern-asymmetrical-haircuts-2 modern-asymmetrical-haircuts-52012-Layered-hairstyle-252x336 Layered-Hairstyles-2011-252x336



The latest trend of hairstyles in the end of the year

By following the latest trend of hairstyles in the end of the year and home coming for the 2014, you must need to update your styles into some new styles for your styles in the New Year. One thing that we notice about the latest hairstyles is edgy hairstyles for women. Yes, some of women would love to apply these edgy hairstyles in natural and casual look. What do you think? Do you want to apply these hairstyles? Or you have another hair idea and combine your hairstyles with the edge haircuts? Let’s take a look more and find the haircuts and hairstyles in messy hair here.

blog - Elle

Another hair is beautiful and easy to create a messy bun do is very much in trend these days. The best thing is that it fit brunette and blonde. A messy bun can be done with both long hair and medium length. It is the trends in this summer. The best part is that it is for young girls and older women as well. This creates a very casual look and cool and make you look beautiful as well. It is best to choose a hair style and date night party. Also take very less time.


Medium Messy Hairstyles for Women in layers are the best! You can make your medium length hair in messy hair by following these ideas. You can make the layers become fabulous and fantastic when you give medium layers from the ear until the bottom of the hair. These are also including the Short Messy Hairstyles for Women which are also making a great look for women.


Not only women, but also teenage girls with messy hair are also lovable in styles. Look at the pictures around here that they are really fabulous with the layered and messy full lace wigs. You can get the fresh and fabulous look with these haircuts and also they can make you look younger!

Simple Ponytail Hairstyle for Women

If you want to stand out from the crowd and you don’t know how to do it, ponytail hairstyles are just for you. Don’t think they are monotonous and uninteresting. 2014 is the year for experiments with ponytails, of course if your hair is medium or long.In 2014 you can look different with lots of hairstyling ideas created by hairdressers. There is a requirement for your hair. It must be always clean, shiny, healthy and with a volume.

2012-hairstyles-252x336 hairstyles-for-2012-252x336

Most of the women locate it awfully stiff to spend also a large amount time on their hair by yourself when they have to get all set designed for much additional composition in the dressing room. Ponytails avoid time difficult issues and they look gorgeous on dumpy locks, sexy layered brazilian lace wigs.

hairstyle-2012-252x336 hairstyles-2012-252x336

Black ponytail hairstylesare such ideas you can try mainly if you are a black woman. Overall, it seems great for black women to apply any kind of ponytail hairstyles. But of course, there are several things to be considered, mainly when it is related to your hair coloring. You can try to highlight your hair in several parts, mainly on the ponytail itself. Well, you can also combine two or more colors if it is possible, since those colors are still similar.

hair-2012-252x336 2012-Hair-styles-252x336

Here, I calm a few of the finest ponytail hairstyles for short curls, middle locks with diverse varieties like side ponytails, official ponytails, short ponytails, wavy ponytails, sleek ponytails, sophisticated ponytails and many supplementary uncomplicated tress styles waiting intended for you to live tried not in. So, have a appear by the side of all these lovely and pretty ponytails and select the most elegant plait that impressed you.

Retro bowl cut is a popular hairstyle

There are many styling options that can create retro image but take a look at these modern bowl cut hairstyles with retro allure that look simply fantastic. Take your chance to become the owner of the hottest short haircut and be sure you will keep all eyes on you.


Retro bowl cut hairstyle is meant to be super straight and polished, but if you want to add modern and flirty twist to your image, go for messy tousled hairstyle. Keep on hand texturizing paste or hair wax to highlight short crops and create smashing style.


Retro bowl cut hairstyle is a combination of super short crop cut hair with long layers. This haircut can be amazing option to create any image so take a sneak peek at these pictures and inspire yourself for next re-style.


If you long for bold and eye catching look, add asymmetry to classy bowl cut hairstyle. Asymmetric bang as well as short asymmetric layers on the back will create hot and edgy look. Complete your image with vibrant highlights and hair color that will make you stand out in a crowd with your brand new look.


Modern styles of bowl cut are completed with asymmetric or choppy layers. These details make bowl cut hairstyle even hotter so if you have decided to go shorter, you can wear similar haircut. After you have created bowl cut hairstyle, you can style it in numerous ways. Keep on hand flat iron to create poker straight hairstyle or spice up your look with messy hairstyle. Become a real hair guru by changing your image on any occasion.


Hair gurus were really creative when upgrading retro bowl cut hairstyle with modern details and as a result we have got real parade of ultra-hot and sexy designs perfectly suitable for our fashionistas. Asymmetric layers, blunt bangs, crazy colors and this is just the beginning.

New Ideas About Short Pixie Hairstyles

Want a shorter haircut but you’re not sure? If you are really not sure on what you want then some of these ideas might be for you. Everyone’s going for a vintage look these days, more or less. In this case there is nothing better than to look absolutely chic with some short pixie haircuts for women opted to your own preference!

Hair Magazine Awards 2009: Arrivals

If we had to rank haircuts in terms of how bold and daring they are, the pixie cut would be the obvious winner. Seriously, it takes some courage to ask your stylist to chop off your locks and watch as your long strands hit the salon’s floor. That’s why we’re especially impressed when some of Hollywood’s most gorgeous women show off a short crop—and look amazing while they’re at it.


The charming blonde pixie cut,What can you say about this fantastic blonde pixie cut? Well, it is definitely very gorgeous and lovely. This lovely blonde pixie cut exudes a very attractive and charming aura which is quite difficult to ignore. Likewise, it is definitely very alluring and fantastic to look at.


Most of you probably know what short pixie hairstyles refer to and how they doesn’t work out for everyone. This is true you need to consider your facial features and shape before getting it. A heart shaped face with a reasonably long forehead works best with this hairdo but if you like your facial features and think that accentuating them wouldn’t be a problem then go for it.


Many women love to sport a pixie hairstyle because of its cool and charming appeal. Likewise, short hairstyles never go out of fashion: it is always fashionable and trendy all throughout the year. Moreover, pixie hairstyles are always good to sport especially during summer when the warm weather catches up with everybody. Here are some of the trendy pixie cuts which you may like and want to sport.